The world's first commercial office building pre-certified leed v4 platinum.

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Designed for Human Endeavor

3.0 University Place represents a convergence
of ideals: Design, sustainability, community, and commerce.
It's an idea whose time has come.

So, what is 3.0 University Place?
Experience the groundbreaking sustainable design
360° video fly-around and walkthrough below.

What we're building is a marvel of energy efficiency, intelligent design, and corporate responsibility, designed for the way the world works now.

This is the first commercial building in the world PreCertified LEED v4 Platinum. Every decision we've made, from the ground up, supports human and planetary well-being.

The first thing you notice is its color-shifting,
undulating glass facade. Looking unlike any other
building in Philadelphia, 3.0 University Place's dynamic
tintable SageGlass exterior reflects light in an array
of colors as the sun moves across the sky.

However, that stunning glass facade isn’t just for show:
it keeps out summer's heat, reducing the energy needed to run the building's
ultra-efficient chilled beam cooling and heating system. It also lets in
plenty of daylight, which reduces energy usage even further and
contributes to increased worker productivity and moralé.

  • By efficiently harvesting
    light, air, and rain,
    3.0 University Place
    radically changes how
    office buildings account
    for energy use.

  • 50% - Anticipated energy
    savings compared to
    existing U.S. office

  • SageGlass® advanced
    dynamic glass can
    be electronically tinted
    or cleared to optimize

  • 11% - Increase in
    productivity due to
    improved quality and
    flow of indoor air.

  • Semco Chilled Beams
    provide superior indoor
    air quality; quiet operation,
    higher ventilation
    quantities, and no draft.

  • Walkable - 3 minutes
    from 30th Street Station.
    Rideable - 7 minutes
    to Center City.
    Bikeable - Dedicated
    bike lanes.

  • A green, vegetated roof
    that collects stormwater
    overflow into cisterns for
    reuse in the building's
    cooling system.

3.0 University Place is a flagship of corporate and environmental responsibility, built for a generation that demands both from its workspaces.


Floor SF Available Floor Plan
2nd Floor 33,085 SF Download PDF
3rd Floor 33,381 SF Download PDF
4th Floor 35,557 SF Download PDF
5th Floor 35,810 SF Download PDF
Penthouse 7,182 SF Download PDF
Green Roof 27,775 SF Download PDF
Download All PDFs

Companies located here will reap the benefit of much
lower operating costs and healthier indoor environments
that, in turn, lead to greater employee productivity
and satisfaction.

More importantly, the building sets the tone for companies that
want to attract and retain today's younger millennial workers by offering
innovative, open workspaces that are more in tune with their
increasingly social, mobile and collaborative lifestyles.